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Latest News

What’s New for July

The July 4th Jerry Can Races results: Thank you to all who participated and making this event a success.

Women’s Class:

Surfman Division: “Swick/Mathews”, 15:18 seconds

Petty Officer Division: “River Runners”, 13.36 seconds

Men’s Class:

Surfman Division: “Boneheads”, 11.70 seconds

Petty Officer Division: “Inchworms”, 12.84 seconds

Chief Division: “The Destroyers”, 12.54 seconds

Couple’s Class:

Surfman Division: “Will Power”, 10.31 seconds***

Commander Division: “My Dear Watsons”, 13.31 seconds

***Fastest time & winners of Jerry’s Rogue Jet Boat tickets: Shania and Noah Hunt

PLEASE NOTE: The annual Coast Guard Day scheduled for Aug 3rd has been cancelled. We expect to continue this successful event next year.

Cape Blanco Heritage Society

The hours for the sites are 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and admission is free. However, there is a $2 fee to climb the stairs to the top of the Light Station’s lighthouse.

Hughes House is located on the ocean side of Highway 101. Use the Cape Blanco Road turnoff, located between Mileposts 296 and 297, about four miles north of Port Orford.

The lighthouse is one mile beyond Hughes House.

The Lifeboat Station Museum is also on the ocean side of 101. Turn toward the ocean on 9th Street in Port Orford, near Milepost 301, and then follow the road to the left, up the hill to where the road dead ends into the parking lot.

Cape Blanco Light Station (1870) holds five Oregon records, including most westerly and oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the Oregon coast.

Hughes House (1898) is an elegant restored Victorian farmhouse designed by Pehr Johan Lindberg for prosperous dairyman Patrick Hughes.

Port Orford Lifeboat Station (1934) was home to U.S. Coast Guard surfmen who for 35 years bravely rescued mariners in distress.

•Victorian Store at Hughes House, Gift Locker at Lifeboat Station feature new merchandise displays.

•Cape Blanco Country Music Festival August 1-3, 2014 will impact our Lighthouse and Hughes House tours with thousands expected to attendRead More

Cape Blanco Heritage Society

Port Orford map

Illustration by Ned Reed

Cape Blanco Heritage Society (CBHS) works cooperatively with State Parks (OPRD) at three historic sites on the beautiful southern Oregon coast:

  • Cape Blanco Light Station (1870)
    Holds five Oregon records including most westerly and oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the Oregon coast
  • Hughes House and Ranch (1898)
    elegant Victorian farmhouse designed by Pehr Johan Lindberg for prosperous dairyman Patrick Hughes
  • Port Orford Lifeboat Station (1934)
    home to Coast Guard surfmen who bravely rescued mariners for 35 years

Each landmark property preserves significant elements from the past and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Volunteers carry out our mission to provide interpretive and educational services at these locales, enriching the experience for tourists from around the world as well as local residents and their guests.

Gift shops at each location offer unusual mementos with a history theme to remind sightseers of their visit. Souvenir sales help provide funding for large projects such as restoring Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat No. 36498 and revealing original floors in Hughes House. Donations, memberships and volunteers to continue our outstanding work are always welcome. Cape Blanco Heritage Society is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) membership organization.