Cape Blanco Heritage Society

Port Orford Lifeboat Station Museum Interpretive Display
Photo: CBHS Archives

The Mission of the Cape Blanco Heritage Society

The mission of Cape Blanco Heritage Society is to provide interpretative and educational services for the Cape Blanco Light Station, Historic Hughes House and Ranch and the Port Orford Lifeboat Station. Preserving the heritage, culture and living history of the area is our goal; a history that reveals itself with new stories every day. We're dedicated to working with our collaborative partners at each of our three sites to tell a more inclusive and accurate history.

Our board members are elected annually in November. A board membership lasts for a period of three years.

CBHS Board - Current Members

STEVE ROEMEN, President — Steve is the President of CBHS. He has been involved with the original Point Orford Heritage Society since 2003 before it merged in 2011 with Friends of Cape Blanco to become CBHS, and has seen it through many changes. He has extensive experience in engineering and is actively involved in the Port Orford community.

REBECCA MALAMUD-EVANS, ED/VP — Rebecca is the Executive Director and Vice President of CBHS and also curates the Port Orford Historical Photos site with the local community. She has been working on web and Internet projects for over 30 years and was a founding team member of Internet Archive’s Open Library Project. Her art gallery and design studio, Point.B, is in the heart of Old Town Port Orford.

SUSAN WHISMAN, Treasurer — Susan is the Treasurer of CBHS. She has been involved with the group for many years and has been an active volunteer at the Hughes House since 2014.

MAYBELLE GROFF, Director — Maybelle currently serves on the CBHS Board of Directors. An excellent addition to our research team having written articles for the local newspaper, she brings an international outlook on matters with her multicultural experiences with work on the Navaho reservation and nearly a decade of service in Puerto Rico.





ALAN JONES, Director

Please see our about page for more information about CBHS and our collaborative partners.